Nourishing and diligence for a pet boosts childhood responsibility. Children with pets display improved

Impulse control, social skills and self-esteem.

Sharing the love and care of a family pet forges an additional common bond among siblings and within entire family members.


a pet reduces stress, loneliness and anxiety. Intellect and emotional leaders understand this

And our founder bring one adorable happy goof-ball ALICE to their home.

Over the night ALICE becomes a Center of attraction for entire family, she starts spreading her magic and left entire family spell bound.

Their home becomes a wonderland, not just for ALICE but for entire family of soft paws

She is not just a pup for our Founder, but a true companion and a best friend a person can ever hope for.

Although she is a lively, playful and a happy goof-ball, her sensitive skin was always a cause of concern.

The poor kid continued suffering from allergies and itches no matter what medicated shampoos were used.

His quest for the perfect pet care products began when he realized that the issues persisted despite changing products to different brands.

In 2014, a brilliant, determined 3people of team was on a mission.

They had a good influence within various laboratories around Mumbai.

Soon they found the root cause was unbalanced pH level in existing shampoo products available in market and more over there is no such rules or regulation in placed to maintain those ratio in INDIA

. They spent all their spare time developing a new shampoo that would completely satisfy their four leg friend.

Wanted a shampoo to clean thoroughly and gently plus kill fleas and ticks.

Wanted one that would renew moisture to the skin and coat.

Their formula would not strip the natural oils and it would leave the coat silky soft and shiny.

a perfectionist who set high standards. Their shampoo had to be the best.

Develop a shampoo safe for pets and the earth. As it should be environmentally friendly too.

End results surpassed everybody’s expectations.

Impel Pet Care LLP

‘3-Musketeers’ Team in the hunt for the perfect bath and skin care products!

Their passion for pet care impelled them to found their company “SOFTPAW” “Feel the Care” in the years of 2017.

AT “SOFTPAW” Pet Brands believe that having a pet is a privilege that everyone should live through.

Our brand family serves pet parents of all kinds.

Whether you are a discerning, convenience-driven, cost-conscious, trendsetting,

or conscientious pet parent, you’ll find an ever-growing collection of pet products that ease the day-to-day demands of a responsible pet owner

and help enhance your unconditional love of life with your furry friend. Whether you need dietary supplements, shampoo

leashes or flea and tick solutions, the “SOFTPAW” Pet Brands family of products makes it easy to be a good pet parent.

You love your pets, and given the choice you would choose safe, effective products that rely on proven, plant-based ingredients rather than harsh chemicals. Natural care is there with “SOFTPAW” for you, Let’s feel the care.

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