Pets Empire offering a excellent gamut of pet products

and accessories which are commonly used by all pet owners and pet lovers.

Product are of a high quality available at

competitive prices in all leading pet shops

across India making sure varied requirements of

all clients are successfully met.


Pets Industry and Pet owners have always

looked up for a quality product with competitive pricing.

With efficient team and work force with management

looking into our own manufacturing plant and imports

from all around the world, we combine to give unique quality product.

Main focus is to manufacture or import high quality

latest pet products available at competitive prices.


Pets Empire isĀ  leading brand launched in India by SKI Group

owned by the genius leadership of Mr.Krishan Lal Satija

and managed by young & inspiring Mr. Mayank Satija.

Pets Empire come out with quality pet products

to cater to an ever expanding vast pet products market in India.

After successfully manufacturing and exporting its products to

USA and European market, now SKI Group

has established themselves with their

brand Pets Empire within India.

Working on the objective to deliver high quality latest pet products at competitive prices we ensure at every level that:
1. Our engineers check at every level from

manufacturing to packaging to ensure high quality product
2. Brand of well know organization, SKI Group

which makes sure all the purchase/buying is in bulk

at low price making sure their product is available at competitive price.
3. Team is always working on new innovative products that

are non toxic, sustainable and are produced taking care of the social compliance and social well being.

Every growing business , innovative product launches

and world class service and renowned advice from Pet Experts makes great features

Interested in dealing with latest pet products and

accessories then you are on the right track as

we are one of the leading brands in the Pet Industry.

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