Pet sport started with an idea of quality toys for our baby, a labrador puppy named Daisy. We designed the first tennis ball made specifically for dogs, Tuff Balls®.  In the 24 years since our founding, Pet sport has grown to manufacture over 200 products that are distributed in 75 countries worldwide.  Since then, we have sold millions of Tuff Balls as well as our Laser Chase® interactive toy.  Our intellectual property book contains over 50 trademarks and patents, and we continue investing in building and inventing the toys of the future.

We never lose track of our humble beginnings and our love for Daisy and all pets.  That is why Petsport designs safe, durable, premium quality and environmentally friendly toys and accessories at affordable prices.  All our toys are certified non-toxic by independent third-party laboratories, as well as play-tested to make sure that they are extra durable and safe in real world environments.  We want to give customers the peace of mind that they are doing the very best for their pet when they buy Petsport.

We have the greatest job in the world:

“Making life a little more fun…one lucky pet at a time®.”


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